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Communication for Youth – training course

„There are many different training programs about communication like DISC, Insights Discovery, NLP and so on… But they are almost always designed for adults. We believe these programs could be very valuable for youth. So we decided we want to design a program specifically for youth about communication. And we want to do this in international cooperation with you! The desired outcome of this program is a ready to use, tested, 1-day communication workshop for youth groups including trainer manual, participant workbook, materials, feedback forms etc.

There is a 7 day training course in June, a pilot period to test the workshop and a 3 day evaluation  meeting in October.

For whom?

People that work with youth in an experiential learning context. Some knowledge of communication theories  is an advantage. We are waiting for participants from Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Team of trainers:

Aga Leśny (Poland), Igor Lisin (Poland), Floor Vullings (The Netherlands), Nikolay „Nick” Kuznetsov (Russian Federation) + guest trainers: Ammy Kuiper (The Netherlands), Jurjen Knoester (The Netherlands)

June 25th – July 1st (travel days not included)

In a training/group venue in the Netherlands.

  • 26-28 October (travel days not included)

In the Netherlands.

  • Participation is free, travel costs are reimbursed to Erasmus+ standards. However we expect participants to actively participate in all three parts of the program (Trainig, pilot testing period and evaluation meeting)”


Olde Vechte Foundation, Zeesserweg 12, 7731 BG Ommen


via Stichting Buitendoor: floor@buitendoor.nl

Registration form:

Low Ropes Course for Education

Manufacture of Science and Adventure invite you to a unique training course!

20-23 X 2016 Popowo – Letnisko, POLAND 2450 PLN
Low Ropes Course for Education

The main goal of Low Ropes Course TC is to prepare participants for the planning, construction, organization and conduct of activities and exercises on the low rope courses and field games in a context of experiential education. We designed this training especially for youth workers who want to develop their competences to work with and for young people in context of outdoor education and experiential education. You can use this method in order to transfer knowledge, skills, building relationships, among each other through active learning and experiencing nature. In addition by planning activities so as to constitute an adventure for the group and each participant we have a chance to strengthen their self-esteem and to stimulate creativity and creative action. We help participants learn to develop Responsibility, Self-Awareness, Communication Skills, Trust, Helpfulness, Problem Solving Skills, Leadership and Team Performance. The program is designed considering the latest and the best learning theories and in a context of non-formal and experiential education. It fosters the different learning styles. The program also helps in group bonding and creating an atmosphere of trust, since that is the base for teamwork. There will be also elements of Experiential Learning theories and games. We are going to be orientated for a youth work with LRC.

During the course you will pass theoretical and practical exams for ERCA certificate.

The course consists of two parts: a certified training by standards of the European Ropes Courses Association along with the theoretical and practical examination and the introduction to the theory and practice of Experiential Education in a context of non-formal education and youth work. Most activities during the course will be held outdoors with the active participation of participants.

Where? POLAND, Mazovia District, Ośrodek Charytatywno-Szkoleniowy Caritas, Popowo-Letnisko, al. Centralna 6. We can help you with travel and accommodation before course.

Introduction to the Experiential Education, introduction in rope static, load calculation, educational activities including working with groups, security on low ropes course, principles of construction and installation of low-rope course, rope, knots, legal aspects, practical methods, to be a trainer, how to work with a group with LRC, groups with disabilities. Theoretical and practical exam. The course will be in English!

Take with you:
Comfortable, waterproof clothing (most of the activities will be held outdoors), shoes with hard soles, favorite tea.

Trainers – you have to meet them!

Daniel Dammier (VEJ, e.V, Actionworx, Germany) – qualified Social Pedagogic, working for over 14 years as an instructor. He has build a lot of high and low rope courses. He has broad experience in international cooperation e.g. in India, Cyprus, Israel, Poland. He is ERCA certified Train the Train Instructor, Learning Therapist.

Bastian Kaspert (VEJ, e.V Actionworx, Germany) – Social Pedagogic , Bachelor of Arts, ERCA Certified Ropes Course Trainer, Fisat Level 1 Industrial Climber Working since 11 Years as Instructor.

They are coming to Poland fourth time at the special invitation of Manufacture of Science and Adventure!
Aga Leśny – assistant (MSA) – pedagogue and anthropologist, ERCA instructor trained by Daniel and Bastian some years ago  Promoter of ideas and methods of Experiential Education in Poland, the founder of the Manufacture of Science and Adventure. She is working as a trainer using low ropes course to work with children, adults and people with disabilities.
Cost: 2 550 PLN

Price includes: accommodation, meals, training materials, exam, certificate. After confirmation of booking, in order to reserve your slot advance payment in the amount of 500 PLN is required.
For more information write to Aga: pracownia@naukaprzygoda.edu.pl, or call +48 501 783 923

Application form: http://www.naukaprzygoda.edu.pl/kurs-budowy-i-dzialan-na-niskim-parku-linowym-lrc-2016/