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Communication for Youth – training course

„There are many different training programs about communication like DISC, Insights Discovery, NLP and so on… But they are almost always designed for adults. We believe these programs could be very valuable for youth. So we decided we want to design a program specifically for youth about communication. And we want to do this in international cooperation with you! The desired outcome of this program is a ready to use, tested, 1-day communication workshop for youth groups including trainer manual, participant workbook, materials, feedback forms etc.

There is a 7 day training course in June, a pilot period to test the workshop and a 3 day evaluation  meeting in October.

For whom?

People that work with youth in an experiential learning context. Some knowledge of communication theories  is an advantage. We are waiting for participants from Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Team of trainers:

Aga Leśny (Poland), Igor Lisin (Poland), Floor Vullings (The Netherlands), Nikolay „Nick” Kuznetsov (Russian Federation) + guest trainers: Ammy Kuiper (The Netherlands), Jurjen Knoester (The Netherlands)

June 25th – July 1st (travel days not included)

In a training/group venue in the Netherlands.

  • 26-28 October (travel days not included)

In the Netherlands.

  • Participation is free, travel costs are reimbursed to Erasmus+ standards. However we expect participants to actively participate in all three parts of the program (Trainig, pilot testing period and evaluation meeting)”


Olde Vechte Foundation, Zeesserweg 12, 7731 BG Ommen


via Stichting Buitendoor: floor@buitendoor.nl

Registration form:

Buitendoor invites for tree house building!

Homeless this summer? And feeling like leaving the lazy chair for a new experience? It’s hard working for the house of your dreams, because we have to: dragging, sawing, climbing, knots and nailing… But after all, nothing is better then waking up in a self made treehouse.

We start in the woods of the Veluwe with a stack of wood, ropes and climbing materials. Everyday our house will grow up to 13 meters so that you can sleep, cook, take a shower and in the end chill in it. Who knows, maybe we will build a sauna on this height. Because after a week of building with a group, we will enjoy our creation for a few days.

Our goal is to meet new people, create a new home in the trees, experience/ learn/co-operate, challenges and most important of all, having an unforgetable summer.


Practical information

Dates: 18 t/m 26 July 2015 (9 days)
Age: 16 – 35 years
Price:  395,-
Venue: Veluwe (Near the village Nunspeet)
Experience: For this holiday you don’t need any climbing or building experience.
Included: Travel inscurance (for Dutch participants), accommodation, all meals and snacks, workshops, equipment, trees, experienced instructors and a lot of humor.



Application is possible with this digital application form.


Questions and contact

Wouter Ram
+31 6 3456 8000

Experiental Educators Europe – conference 2015

Experiential Educators Europe is a free, unofficial, democratic people organization. The main common interest is experiential learning. Members meet, at least, once a year, during the annual conference, somewhere in Europe to share their knowledge, exchange their experience and reinforce their relation with other european collegues.

Since 1997 this annual conference has provided a unique meeting place for experiential educators, trainers, therapists, teachers, coaches and others who are interested in sharing, discussing and challenging their knowledge, methods and techniques.

Everybody, who share this interest and this sharing philosophy is welcome to EEE. People are also welcome to participate at the annual conference.

Don’t hesitate, it’s a unique opportunity!


More information about 2015 annual conference.