Outdoors as a tool network meeting 2017

Dear participants,

After already tree fruitful network meetings in Latvia, Poland and Netherlands we are … coming back to roots and meet again in Latvia ūüôā

It was another great year with international projects and meetings and we want to do many more… So time to meet up again!

LatviaThis time¬†Piedzńęvojuma Gars will host the meeting. ¬†If you have any question, please contact Viesturs LŇęsis¬†a.k.a Lynx¬†viesers[at]gmail.com:

The aim of the meeting is:

  • See old friends again AND meet new people
  • Share new ideas, theories and activities in our workshop sessions
  • Share thoughts about our work, discuss interesting topics, share amazing stories
  • Schedule and plan for new meetings, exchange programs, training and conferences in the future
  • Be part of the club; join the event and help developing our network further.



Friday February 3rd

Morning: Travel
Afternoon: Travel
Evening:  Dinner, getting to know each other, sharing stories and movies, short teambuilding or icebreaker game, relaxed evening.

Saturday February 4th
Morning Session 1: Leaders meeting, planning for 2017 and future
Session 2: New teambuilding games?
Afternoon:  Outdoor afternoon? Skiing?
Evening:  Scale of cooperation, what’s new?
Movie / Games

Sunday February 5th
Morning: Work on long term partnership Theory or practical session
Afternoon: Travel Travel
Evening: Travel Travel


The meeting will take place from Friday the 3rd of February (evening) until Sunday the 5th of February in the afternoon. If you want to arrive or leave before those dates you can check with Lynx if there is a place to stay for you, or of course you can arrange your own hotel or place with friends if you like to.


Piedzńęvojuma Gars House,¬†ń∂egums district, Latvia

During the meeting we will stay at the house Ritis, near Birzgale in Latvia. This is a house, outdoor location, sauna and whatever more from the organisation Piedzivojuma Gars. And yes, WiFi is available…
Place where we will be having our meeting is an old countryside house. There is no ruining water in this place, but we will try to set up outdoor showers with hot water.


If you come by car, you should drive like this (if you come from
kaunas) https://www.google.lv/maps/dir/56.670562,24.7920577/54.9429332,23.8790794/@56.163
In this route you will be driving also some dirt roads (20km), but you can also take the long way and go trough Riga, then it will be just asphalt (but in LV that doesn’t mean that the road will be better
than a dirt road) If you travel by plane/public transport make sure you end up in Riga . And that you let Floor and Lynx
know at what time you will arrive so we can arrange transport to the venue for you!


We will provide meals three times a day, and in between there will be lots of snacks, fruit, nuts and things like that. Also drinks like coffee, tea, water and some juices will be available. We will cook all
together as we are just a small group together in the house. Also dishes and cleaning will be done together. You can bring some food or drinks that you want to share if you like.

What to take: IMG_0175

Most important is to bring a good mood, but of course there are some practical things that might be
useful as well.

  • Sleeping bag and mattress, (If you don‚Äôt have, or u can‚Äôt take it with you in plane, there are
    spare mattresses, but not so many sleeping bags)
  • Warm and comfortable clothing for indoors as well as outdoors. Inside there are cold
    floors, so take warm socks, and there might be draft from windows or holes in house, so
    warm sweaters.
  • Slippers or shoes for inside, cause we don‚Äôt want to get mud in the house, but we also
    don’t want to walk in the house just by socks.
  • If you can: bring your own spoon, bowl, and tea mug. (There is also cutlery on place, but
    maybe not enough for everyone)
  • ¬†Flashlight might be useful
  • Inventory for your workshop or activity if applicable.
  • There will be WIFI, so you can bring your laptop or smartphones.
  • Swimming suit and towels. Just for your personal hygiene (there will be warm outdoor
    showers) and maybe there will be sauna!
  • Travel insurance might be useful



Unfortunately we don’t have funding for the meeting this year so the cost is your own travel and a share in the cost of the food and drinks. We will calculate this at the end of the meeting, but
don’t expect high numbers here. The venue is offered for free by Piedzivojuma Gars.