Stichting Buitendoor, Netherlands,,
Stichting Buitendoor is an organization promoting cooperative behavior and experiential learning in groups of youth and adolescents. Outdoor sports, environmental and healthy and sustainable living promoting programs are the most important activities. We mainly organize schoolcamps and summercamps, teambuilding programs for youth, leadership programs and international programs. Furthermore, the foundation trains and coaches youth workers, outdoor instructors and volunteers who are working with youth. One of Buitendoor’s main values is sustainability, conveyed to all participants by serving biological food and by the promotion of caring about nature.

Pracownia Nauki i Przygody (Manufacture of Science and Adventure), Poland,
Our goals are very simple: we want to change the world through education. We are inspired by experiential, adventure,  outdoor education and modern science comunication. These theories are not very well known in Poland and a few teachers, educators, leader are using  methods based on experiential education. We want to change it!  We organize trips, workshops and projects for youth and adults.

Our biggest projects are a series of  ‘Meeting the Explorers’ – classes for children with experiences of physic, chemical, biological;  conference ‘Adventure Education’ and ‘Academy of Adventure Education’. Our team  team consists teachers, tourists, popularizers of science, scouts, sailors and scientists.

Piedzivojuma Gars, Latvia,
Adventure Spirit is an experiential education organization that believes in constant development through adventures and, specifically, using outdoor activities and being in nature as a tool for improving the atmosphere in a group, raise personal awareness and accountability and re-connect to the true values – acceptance, inclusion, explorations of the world.


Cercetaşii României, Romania
We are promoters of the Scout Movement in our region, and work in three directions: development of self, development of the community, and interaction with nature. We believe that young people should be active players in their community, and all our projects have a big involvement from them.


The Outsider Club aims at  creating a high standard youth work for youngsters ages of 6 to 30 years old. We improve by social, cultural but mostly sportive and adventurous activities the participation, development and personal growth of children and youngsters.