About us

The Outdoors as a tool network is an informal network of organizations all over Europe. All these organizations are youth organizations which combines the idea of using outdoor education as a tool for change.

We truly believe that experiential learning and being outdoors is a great way of sharing, experiencing and connecting with each other at a deeper level. Also, we believe in the importance of nature in people’s lives; not only for their own health, but also for their personal growth and happiness. Fortunately, we see that many international organizations are working hard to bring youngsters outdoors in order to let them experience and discover how there is more to life than just the city.

Youth organizations have a great impact on youngsters and are very important providers of non-formal education. The need for people who like to work as volunteers for different kind of (non-profit) organizations is growing largely. The Outdoors as a tool network already has a lot of experience in youth programs. We believe that experimenting with conditions out of comfort zones in group processes definitely evoke positive results for the youngsters both on a personal as well as on a group level, as the need to cooperate amongst each other will become even more evident.

If you want to know more about the different organizations, you check it here.