“From thought to knot” – low ropes course for education

Training course will be held from 3rd to 9th of September 2018 in Lubiatow, Lubuskie Voivodeship, Poland. Travel days are 2nd and 10th of September 2018.

 The training will include 20 participants from 7 partner countries: Poland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Netherlands, Sweden.

“From thought to knot” project is a training course for youth workers and youth educators, coming from organisations interested in improving quality of their youth oriented activities in the field of core outdoor education methods, which low rope courses are. Main goal of the project is providing youth workers with qualifications essential for effective and safe use of a low rope course and other methods involving ropes, in context of educational activities in groups.

Whole course will be conducted according to experiential education principles. The participants will be engaged in conducting activities for youth.

The course consists of two parts: a certified training by standards of the European Ropes Courses Association along with the theoretical and practical examination and the introduction to the theory and practice of Experiential Education in a context of non-formaI education and youth work. Most activities during the course will be held outdoors with the active participation of participants.

Program provides introduction to the Experiential Education, introduction in rope static, load calculation, educational activities including working with groups, security on low ropes course, principles of construction and installation of low-rope course, rope, knots, legal aspects, practical methods, to be a trainer, how to work with a group with LRC

Participants will also receive widely recognised ERCA certification for Low Rope Course Instructor (after passing exam) and Youthpass certificate.


 age of participants: over 18 years. (we advise to select participants between 21 and 40, because of intense physical program in difficult conditions);

  • participants limit: 3 persons per country
  • English knowledge (training course and exam will be held in English)

Trainers – you have to meet them!

  • Daniel Dammier (KEJ, e.V, Actionworx, Germany) – qualified Social Pedagogie, working for over 14 years as an instructor. He has built a lot of high and low rope courses. He has broad experience in international cooperation e.g. in lndia, Cyprus, lsrael, Poland. He is ERCA certified Train the Train lnstructor, Learning Therapist.
  • Bastian Kaspert (KEJ, e.V Actionworx, Germany) – Social Pedagogie , Bachelor of Arts, ERCA Certified Ropes Course Trainer, Fisat Level 1 Industrial Climber Working since 11 Years as lnstructor.
  • Aga Leśny (Manufactire of Science and Adventure) – pedagogue and anthropologist, ERCA instructor trained. Promoter of ideas and methods of Experiential Education in Poland, the founder of the Manufacture of Science and Adventure. Working as a trainer using low ropes course to work with children, adults and people with disabilities.

European Row Course Association (ERCA) certification:
Participants will be awarded with ERCA Low Ropes Course Instructor certificate (only for those who successfully pass exam at the end of the training)

 Training course fee: 75 EUR
o will be deducted from travel costs (in case travel costs are smaller than 75 EUR – paid in cash during TC)

The rest of a cost is paid from Erasmus+ found

Travel costs reimbursement:
– will be done by transfer after fulfilling project obligation.
– travel costs reimbursement will be done via transfer according to exchange rate (EUR to PLN) given by Polish National Agency, as effect participants may get slightly different amount that they will have on tickets (applied only for tickets in EUR)

Travel costs limit:
 Italy – 275,00 EUR per person
 Sweden – 275,00 EUR per person
 Germany – 275,00 EUR per person
 Latvia – 275,00 EUR per person
 Romania – 275,00 EUR per person
 Netherlands – 275,00 EUR per person
 Poland – 80,00 EUR per person

Dissemination project task:
o realizing workshop with low ropes elements for youth in home country of participants.

Application form for participants:
(we invite participants from partners organization)


 Deadline for participants:
o 31.07.2018

 Deadline for buying tickets:
o 06.08.2018


 Participant will be accommodated in 3 person room/houses with bathroom. Workshop place is located in the same area. Area around accommodation place is safe, with forest and lake around.

Venue name and address:


Ośrodek Szkoleniowo Wypoczynkowy Master, Sławska 1a 67-410 Lubiatów

Venue does NOT provide towels!!!

 Travel information:
Nearest airports are located in Poznan and Wroclaw (Poland), as well Berlin (Germany).
Please make sure that you arrived to the venue not later than 10.00 PM 2nd of September and leaving not earlier than 8.00 AM 10th of September. If you will arrive to any other destination than Krakow, please add more time for local transportation.

Tips for local transport >>>Local-travel

Active participation
We are expecting active engagement of participants within training, such as leading energizers, reflections, etc. As well each partner representative will lead on of the following workshops, for details contact your organization.
• Latvia – work with fear
• Italy – sport and outdoor for big groups
• Romania – evaluation in outdoor
• Sweden – social inclusion in outdoor
• Netherland – outdoor work for difficult youth

If you are missing any information, please feel free to ask Igor Lisin (project manager)

*: igor.lisin@naukaprzygoda.edu.pl

(: +48 512588859


Looking forward to see you in Poland,

Aga, Daniel, Bastian

Communication for Youth – training course

„There are many different training programs about communication like DISC, Insights Discovery, NLP and so on… But they are almost always designed for adults. We believe these programs could be very valuable for youth. So we decided we want to design a program specifically for youth about communication. And we want to do this in international cooperation with you! The desired outcome of this program is a ready to use, tested, 1-day communication workshop for youth groups including trainer manual, participant workbook, materials, feedback forms etc.

There is a 7 day training course in June, a pilot period to test the workshop and a 3 day evaluation  meeting in October.

For whom?

People that work with youth in an experiential learning context. Some knowledge of communication theories  is an advantage. We are waiting for participants from Poland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Team of trainers:

Aga Leśny (Poland), Igor Lisin (Poland), Floor Vullings (The Netherlands), Nikolay „Nick” Kuznetsov (Russian Federation) + guest trainers: Ammy Kuiper (The Netherlands), Jurjen Knoester (The Netherlands)

June 25th – July 1st (travel days not included)

In a training/group venue in the Netherlands.

  • 26-28 October (travel days not included)

In the Netherlands.

  • Participation is free, travel costs are reimbursed to Erasmus+ standards. However we expect participants to actively participate in all three parts of the program (Trainig, pilot testing period and evaluation meeting)”


Olde Vechte Foundation, Zeesserweg 12, 7731 BG Ommen


via Stichting Buitendoor: floor@buitendoor.nl

Registration form: