Network Meeting Latvia, February 2017


It starts to become a tradition! The first weekend of February is Outdoors as a Tool Network Meeting time! So as this year, this time it took place in snowy Latvia, where we were hosted by our friends of ‘Adventure Spirit’ on their venue ‘Rites’.

On Friday evening we all arrived on Rites where we there was time to catch up with each other and share all adventures and experiences from last year. There were also some new partners involved, welcome to Belgium and Germany! After a nice meal and a round of expectations the werewolves came by ofcourse and when there were no villagers and inhabitants left, it was time to have a good sleep.

Saturday was work day. What happened last year? What is about to happen this year? Where do we want to go as network? What is our structure? And in what do we want to develop? All these questions came by and there were some good discussions and decision made. After a good lunch we had to refresh our mind and went for a hike in the snow with on the way a great game of tagging on ice in a special Latvian way… In the afternoon we had some time to work in smaller groups on specific topics.

Sunday was unfortunately already departure day. For some of us it was early, for others there was still some time to work on this or that. After all we can say that it was a shot but good and powerful meeting again. It’s great to see that we see each other more frequently and that the network is growing bigger and stronger.  We are ready for a new season with interesting international programs and good cooperation’s. Curious what is going to happen in 2017? Check the What’s next? page or contact us!